January 2017

  • Baby Squid Tagine

    Baby Squid Tagine

    Tonight’s recipe is one of the youthing food series I will be blogging about, did you say ‘youthing’ Yes you read it correct, easy to cook, baby squid can be a youthing food with its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory compounds, according to Nutritionist and food writer Elizabeth Peyton Jones, baby squid is Nutritionally power… Continue reading

  • Matcha Green Tea with cardamom, cloves & black pepper corn.

    Matcha Green Tea with cardamom, cloves & black pepper corn.

    Wondering what to have as a hot beverage, then wonder no more, Simply aromatic, Matcha green tea with cloves, cardamom and Black pepper corn, did you say “black pepper corn”?? yes I did, with its anti-inflammatory properties, not only adding black pepper corn & cardamom to your tea makes it taste delicious, but it also… Continue reading

  • Home made ‘Pesto’ with a twist

    Home made ‘Pesto’ with a twist

    I promised you a recipe that includes the great pine nut. This is a wonderful recipe for detoxing heavy metals, as I replace the traditional basil with ‘Cilantro’, Cilantro along with Chlorella is renowned for detoxing heavy metals out of our body. Enjoy this sauce on whole wheat, spelt, rice, or buckwheat pasta, even better… Continue reading

  • Simply Fashion

    Simply Fashion

    This post’s photo was taken by me, from a charity shop window, I found it so inspirational, that its not about how expensive your outfit is, but about how gracefully you wear it, how you would accessorise it, and your attitude towards fashion. These 3 outfits as you see are made of bin liners, but… Continue reading

  • Pine Nuts & bone health

    Pine Nuts & bone health

    Rich and crunchy, the pine nut has a buttery flavour, pine nuts grow inside the cones of certain pine trees, and are botanically a seed rather than a nut. They are not only delicious, but packed with vital nutrients for your bones and your body. Yes, pine nuts are seeds – it would be convenient if… Continue reading

  • Vitamin D.

    Vitamin D.

    I often get asked to recommend a good brand of vitamin D supplement, well my answer usually is the one above in my featured image, not only its free, its also the best source, if you get it by the sea, you’re combining Magnesium and Iodine with it. Great for bone health and Thyroid support.… Continue reading

  • Milk or No Milk, that is the question..

    Milk or No Milk, that is the question..

    Milk is such a hot topic…is it good for you, is it not? I personally don’t have it myself,  I’ve discovered through my allergy that it doesn’t suit my body. It doesn’t digest well. Milk has traditionally been in our diet for thousands of years. Mostly the fermented form though, as in the case of Kefir or… Continue reading

  • Vegetable Curry

    Vegetable Curry

    I love this recipe, as its a great way for me to include lots of vegetables specially the cruciferous family, in my diet, without feeling its tasteless, the spices not only enhance the flavour, but also gives me all the benefits, some of the spices in this recipe, are anti inflammatory, anti fungal, and anti microbial…so for… Continue reading

  • The 5 pieces you need to invest in your wardrobe

    The 5 pieces you need to invest in your wardrobe

    Its always nice to find a bargain, and like most of us I await the sales just as a child awaits Santa clause, but there are a few essential pieces you should consider splurging on. Thanks to their timeless nature and practicality, these investment pieces are a must: Here they are A crisp new white… Continue reading

  • Super Antioxidant Dessert

    Super Antioxidant Dessert

    I’m not one with a sweet tooth, over the past few years I’ve trained my body not to crave sugar, through eating healthy fats and good quality proteins, having said that, I still like to get some good antioxidants in my system, and what’s better than berries, this amazing recipes is 100% approved by moi,… Continue reading

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